"It takes a team..."

It's not just a slogan; it's a philosophy. It's how communities operate to raise good kids and families. It's how we build things, and each other, up.  There's nothing more important in a community than good schools.


In District 38, we are known for our excellent schools and involved parent community. Like many parents, my wife and I spend a lot of our time supporting our family and creating a richly engaging environment for our children. The education of our children is central to many of our decisions and we care deeply.


Parents know their children best and are the strongest advocates and partners with educators to provide children the opportunity to succeed.


As our community grows, we believe that there are good solutions to complicated problems.

The solutions that will require:

  • New Perspectives

  • Creative and Innovative Ideas

  • Commitment to serve the community in equal measure for:

    • Students

    • Parents

    • Teachers

    • Taxpayers

It's a future we can build with a balanced approach on a solid foundation...And I believe we can do it together.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” - Albert Einstein


  • T - Transparency

    • Our community works better together when we are open and honest with each other. Citizen "stakeholders" deserve to know what goes on in the district from each classroom to the administration. Honest questions deserve complete, direct, and forthright answers.

  • E - Engagement

    • Parents and taxpayers alike deserve meaningful dialogue and opportunities to promote creative ideas and solutions. Our community is Blessed with successful, talented individuals, providing a unique resource to the district. Public servants owe their community direct access and timely responses.

  • A - Accountability

    • Leadership requires accepting responsibility for decisions and their outcomes. Keeping decision-making centralized to elected leadership ensures representation consistent with the community. The ability to honor commitments and making only promises that can be kept builds essential trust between the district and those it serves.

  • M - Management

    • Management of a school district requires the ability to view challenges from many angles, incorporating resources, systems, and people to produce a superior education opportunity for all students. Measured administration ensures the best use of resources to make the education journey positive for students, teachers, and parents.